Should You Replace All Car Tyres or Just One?

You have a blowout tyre – should you be replacing just one or all four? Car tyres are expensive no doubt, especially if you’re not compromising on quality and buying branded ones. While most experts would recommend replacing all four tires to achieve optimum road handling, comfort, and road traction, it’s definitely not easy on the pocket. Replacing only one tyre comes with its challenges like unstable cornering, different acceleration, and braking. So, what should you do?

Checking the Tread Depth on All Tyres

Take you car in for thorough inspection and the mechanic will check the tread depth on all the tyres. If he finds 4/32 inches difference between the old and new tyres then he’ll most likely recommend that you get all new fours. If quality and affordability is what you’re after then Dunlop car tyres prices offer a reliable fix. In UAE, the brand has gained a lot of popularity due to its blend of durability, high-performance, and reasonable rates. Dunlop Tires have the power to perform, allowing a smooth and quiet ride.

Type of Tyre  

When replacing only one tire, make sure that the brand and model is the same. Tyre type, tread pattern, and model must match for the vehicle to give perfect performance. Rear and front tyres all need to be exactly the same to achieve superior road handling, cornering, braking, and acceleration. Every driver wants a balanced, safe, and predictable driving experience. In case the exact model isn’t available then go for the similar type. Like if your old wheels were all-weather, then choose the same from another brand. Similarly, if you’re other tires have a tread pattern that’s directional then don’t get a tire with symmetric or asymmetric tread pattern.

Type of Vehicle

The kind of vehicle you have also determines whether you need to replace one, two, or all four tyres. In four-wheel drive, even the difference of a diameter can lead to a problem in the drivetrain system. Tyres with reduced tread pattern tend to spin fast and reduced diameter can cause the wheels to move at different speeds. This can put stress on the engine and you might end up paying a lot of money in maintenance.

Whatever your car’s make and model, the tyre experts at Dubai Tyre Shop can guide you to the tyres that are best for you. The online tyres Dubai catalog is quite extensive and there’s a detailed description with every product. For expert advice you can book an appointment and get all the right answers regarding replacing your tyres.

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