A Guide to Spending a Weekend in London

If you have been promising your family to take them to London for the weekend, it doesn’t have to be a mega-expensive exercise, indeed, if you are careful, you can save quite a bit of money on the excursion. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your budget when planning a weekend in London.

  • Transportation – The best idea is to take advantage of the cheap minibus hire in Newport, which will take you and your family right to the hotel, plus you have transport for getting around while in the city. They have special weekend packages where you pick the vehicle up on Friday afternoon and return it on Monday morning, which is ideal.

  • Accommodation – The Internet will help you find a cheap family suite at a small London hotel, and if you spend some time searching, you are sure to find a bargain. Avoid anything too fancy, as you will only be using the rooms for sleep and with a good breakfast, you and your family will be ready for sightseeing around the capital.

  • Special Admission Packages – You can save a lot of money on admission fees, especially if you are a family, and by booking everything online, you can avoid lengthy queues. You might wish to enter the British Museum, or see a family show in the evening, and with online bookings, you will save some money.

Planning is the key to a cheap weekend, so start now and by the time the date arrives, all will be in place and you can enjoy the wonders of London.





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