A Basic Guide to Car Maintenance

If you have recently passed your driving test with flying colours and are keen to get your very first set of wheels, vehicle maintenance is part and parcel of car ownership. Like most complex machines, a car needs to be serviced regularly, according to the vehicle mileage and the owner’s manual contains all the servicing details. This handbook is very important and it should follow the car throughout its life, giving the new owner a full service history.

Engine Maintenance

Whether petrol or diesel, the engine needs regular attention, with the following tasks carried out:

  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement – Typically every 5000 miles.
  • Check all belts for correct tension and wear & tear – Adjust or replace when required.
  • Air filter – Clean or replacement (depending on make and model).
  • Spark plug inspection (petrol engines only)

When booking garage services in Bridgeport, the mechanic would run the engine and check carburation and engine coolant levels, plus he would take the car out for a road test, which enables him to check the brakes, steering and suspension.

Service Intervals

When you buy your first car, whether new or used, the vehicle has an owner’s manual and in the service section, the intervals are stated; every 5,000 miles is typical. If you go for a new car, the dealership will handle the first few services and you only pay for parts. A second-hand car should be taken to a local garage, where the work can be carried out.

Avoid missing service intervals and you will always have a reliable car.

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