Which brands of tyres are the best for trailers?

Trucks, SUVs, and cars are our everyday vehicles, but trailers are the real workhorses. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to get our toys, work equipment, and the larger necessities of life. However, how often do we check the rubber of our trailer tyres? Most people say “very seldom.” Unfortunately, the trailer tyre is one of the most neglected vehicle components. Many people don’t even realize there are trailer-specific tyres, and even if they do, many are unaware of the fact that trailer tyres should never be substituted for car tyres.

Different functions exist for different vehicles. The same can be said about your trailer tyres, which are arguably the most impact-absorbing parts of the vehicle. If you’re mostly into the towing job, make sure that you are adequately equipped for the specific job. Do know that you cannot rely on any trailer or auto equipment. You have to ensure choosing the right tyres and trailer to perform towing.

Since trailer tyres play a critical part in the towing aspect, checking them before you take on the job is necessary. Always make sure to choose the right one, as it is about safety and efficiency. Before we talk about the best brands of trailer tyres, let’s check out the major parameters that we keep in mind while choosing trailer tyres.

Load rating:

There is a specific weight that can be carried by every trailer tyre. Thus, riders must understand the upper limit of the tyre before purchasing. In general, the trailer tyre load range is indicated by a letter from B to F. The load range B tyres can usually support the least amount of weight. In contrast, tyres in the F category are the most capable of handling weight. Consider your towing requirements or services when choosing trailer tyres. Keep in mind that a higher rating means a higher quality tyre.


When you buy trailer tyres, always check whether the component or tyre you choose is compatible with the trailer. Every trailer comes with its own manufacturer’s manual, where you can find all the information you need. It is best to ask your local mechanic for information when you are unable to find the manual. A big concern when checking compatibility is a product’s size. Make sure the trailer’s wheel size matches and supports the trailer.


In addition to the trailer tyre size, you need to consider the trailer’s wheel size as well. Ensure that you know the size before you buy to make sure it fits the trailer. Letters and numbers indicate the trailer size using a special combination of letters and numbers. The tyre size will look similar to 75R15/ST225. ST generally refers to special trailer tyres, while 225 refers to their weight in millimetres. 75 represents the height, and R signifies the radial, which is 15. From the combination of numbers and alphabet, it is apparent that the trailer tyres are of a particular size. Choosing the best-fitted trailer tyre requires you to take this into consideration.

When you are looking to buy the best trailer tyres, look for features, performance, and durability of the trailer tyres rather than choosing a brand. However, you have come to the right place if you are looking for the best trailer tyres. As an importer, wholesaler, and retailer in the Australian wheel, tyre, and associated accessories market, Oceanic Direct is regarded as one of Australia’s leading tyre suppliers. Oceanic Direct offers a wide range of tyres from leading manufacturing brands like Kumho, Windforce, and others.

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