Tips for Buying a Used Car

We all know how much of a lottery it is when you buy a second-hand car, having heard a few horror stories of our own and in order to help you get the best vehicle for your money, here are a few tips for buying used cars.

  • Don’t buy from private sellers – When you shake hands with a private seller, sold as seen is the norm and should the engine fall out on the way home, it’s down to you! There are cheap cars in Plymouth from respected auto dealers that always issue a warranty on every used car they sell.
  • Check the service history – Every car should have a complete service history, which is normally found in the rear section of the owner’s manual. A car with a full service history is worth more than one with an incomplete history and this information tells you if the vehicle has been looked after. Aside from servicing, there should be a record of any major repairs carried out.
  • Take a mechanic with you – When you go to check out an advertised car, why not take a qualified mechanic to assess the condition of the vehicle? This is the only way to be certain that the car is, in fact, in good working order and for the little it costs, it gives you peace of mind.

Work out a budget and visit your local used car dealer and see what models that have and what they can do for you.

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