How to Find Good Mechanic

If you have a car no longer covered by warranty, one of your concerns will be, where will I take it when it needs repairs? This question is more of a concern when you have an older vehicle that the dealer will not be familiar with; perhaps a classic. Finding a good mechanic will give peace of mind about where to go when problems occur

  • Get Recommendations: Word of mouth is probably one of the best ways to find a mechanic that can be trusted. Ask around with your friends or make a query on an internet forum. Or a google search, type in something like where to get quality car repair in Carshalton. Naturally, you will want someone close to where you live, but it is often worthwhile to go a little further to get the best help.
  • Mechanics Reviews: We live in the age of information, and everything is rated now and available on your phone. Yelp is one of the programs designed to provide reviews about services rendered. Trade associations and trading standards will also have information, mainly if there have been complaints.
  • Search for Accreditation: Certified mechanics will often have the credentials displayed in the lobby of their garage. Seek out shops that appear to be professionally staffed. Being neat and organized is also a good sign.

It is a good idea to seek out a mechanic before you need to use one. When your car breaks down, you will be more likely to go with the nearest garage, but that might be your last choice otherwise. Listen for recommendations and keep your eyes open for busy shops.

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