How Scrapping Your Van Can Benefit You

Is there a van in your garage that won’t start and can’t be fixed? The van might have given you some great times, but once it has ceased to serve its purpose, it is best to get rid of it.

Furthermore, if it’s parked in front of your house, it may be an eyesore that you do not need in your life. There are many ways to get rid of an old or damaged vehicle, but a scrap van solution might be the best choice.

This article discusses how to scrap your van and how to avoid its common pitfalls.

How the scrap van process works

Are you aware that there are nearly 1.5 million scrapped vehicles at the end of every year in the UK? If a car has been severely damaged in an accident, this is the standard procedure. In addition, it’s also a choice many people make when their vehicles are no longer in a drive-able condition.

The first step is to find a reliable scrap van buyer and get a quote. After that, all you have to do is present your registration number or logbook and proof that you own the van.

Vans have to have all four wheels in working order in most cases because they need to be hauled. Once the van has been completely scrapped, you will receive a Certificate of Deconstruction.

It is vital that you remember that you’re entitled to your certificate once your van has been scrapped. Private scrap businesses can only obtain this document from the DVLA if they comply with the Environment Agency.

Is It A Good Idea To Scrap Your Van?

There are a few other options you can consider if you’re on the fence about scrapping your van. As a first step, if there is a chance that the van can be salvaged, you should try to sell it.

Another option is to donate it to charity. There are organisations that will take your beat-up van, sell it, and then donate the proceeds to charity. There are several reasons to scrap your van as opposed to selling it.

Gaining Profits Fast

It might take a long time to sell your van, and you might need some quick cash right away. As soon as a scrap van service picks up your vehicle, they will exchange it for cash. You can expect a quick turnaround.

Solution that is eco-friendly

You will find that the parts of your van are a treasure trove in terms of their potential for reuse and recycling. If you decide to do nothing with it, those parts will go to waste.

Alternatively, when you scrap your van, all those parts remain in use. We can keep the environment cleaner through this simple choice. By using scrapped metal, you can make automobiles, consumer electronics, etc.

The production of new metal releases greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming. It’s satisfying to realise you’re making a difference.

Additional Space

Even a small van can be too big if you don’t have enough storage space. You can use your garage much more effectively than walking around a broken-down van every day.

Even if it’s your yard and not your garage, an immovable vehicle will only impede your progress.

A Few Pitfalls of Scrapping a Van

The most significant issue that arises when scrapping a van is not having all the paperwork ready.

If you are scrapping a vehicle, make sure you have proof of ownership, the service history of the vehicle, and the logbook before you call the van scrapping company.

As soon as you receive your COD, you are entitled to reclaim taxes and insurance. The DVLA will refund all remaining months of road tax, also known as car tax.

Get more room and money by scrapping your van in London

If you are still wondering “why should I scrap my van in London?” Well, your old van will no doubt relieve you once you get rid of it. It should be out of sight in no more than 24 hours in most cases. Having your van scrapped is both profitable and environmentally friendly. Not to mention all the space that will be freed up.

It is only a matter of finding the right provider. For such a service, you simply need to contact We Scrap Any Van and ask for a no-obligation quote. It’s the most straightforward process – free van collection and instant payment.

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