Follow These Tips While Shipping Your Classic Car

Have you recently purchased a classic vehicle? Or, you are planning to move your residence and you have to also carry your old classic car that is in your possession. You may also drive your car to your new location but that will not be a safe option.

Shipping your classic car will be a much better option than driving it and in this small article, we shall provide a 10 step guide to shipping your classic car. Ship a Car, Inc. has a lot of experience in shipping such cars and hence you must contact them to send an offer.

1.     Search for good company

Not all car shipping companies have got the experience to handle and ship any expensive classic cars, as they need very special care and handling. Therefore, you must do a thorough search and fish out at least 3 such companies.

2.     Know about the company

Try to know about each company that you have searched out. The best thing will be to read their reviews written by their customers. You may also check their rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB).

3.     Do not wait for the last minute for a booking

You must book your car well in advance before you move because these shipping companies will never ship the car immediately. Therefore, you must plan in such a way that your car must reach before you.

4.     Decide on the type of transport service you prefer

There are both open transport and enclosed transport options available with almost all transporters. Preferably for your classic cars, you may opt for the enclosed transport option by paying a little extra charge.

5.     Do not decide solely on price

Your classic car is one of your costliest possession and hence you must not make any comprise by cutting a corner. Remember that you will get the service that you will pay.

6.     Understand about the insurance coverage

Check with your shipping company how much insurance coverage that they will offer. If you find that their cover limit is insufficient for your classic car, then you can buy an additional cover.

7.     Follow all the important preparation procedures

Try to know all the procedures for shipping any classic car and make sure that you follow all of them.

8.     Remove all accessories

You must remove the entire accessories that are fitted in your classic car.  No car shipping companies will take any responsibility for these accessories hence it is better to remove them.

9.     Clean the car thoroughly

You must clean the car thoroughly and take a complete video as well as photographs of your car from different angles. This will work as your reference to check when you will receive it at the destination.

10.   Be present during transport

It will always be better to be present when your classic car is getting transported. You must ensure that your car is fully safe during transportation.

You must also inspect your car when you receive it and in case you find any damage, then immediately bring it to the notice of the transporter.

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